A wardrobe is an essential part of each and every bedroom. It is one of the best solutions to create storage space at your home. We specialize in various types of wardrobes. We provide customized wardrobe solutions to our customers as per the space available. Our executives survey the space available and accordingly create the wardrobe design from scratch. Whether you’re looking for a plain functional wardrobe or the one which adds a bit of flair to your room, we offer them all. Some of the wardrobe options which we have on offer include:

  • Free Standing:

Freestanding wardrobes are not attached to any wall or other furniture fixture. They are free to move around. If you’re in two minds about the location of the wardrobe this is the perfect option for you. With ample space inside, you can be sure that maximum utilization of space will be possible.

  • Hinge Door:

Are you looking for a wardrobe which can amalgamate itself into the interior of your home? If yes, the hinge door wardrobe is a good option. It will help you conceal the entire wardrobe as the interior will blend-in nicely with the rest of the room. This ensures that not only it is aesthetically pleasing but also fully functional as well.

  • Sliding Door wardrobe:

Are you looking to create a wardrobe without occupying a significant amount of space in your room? If yes, the sliding door wardrobe is the perfect option for you. The door of this wardrobe slides along the channels rather than opening outside. Therefore, the space footprint of this wardrobe is much smaller. Moreover, with proper amalgamation with the interior, it will seem like a part of the room rather than a separate wardroom. This is one of the main USP of this type of wardrobe.

  • Walk-in Wardrobe:

Are you looking for a larger wardrobe? Do you want to create plenty of storage space in your room? If yes, the walk-in wardrobe is the perfect option for you. It can store up all your possessions and still have space for more. It is the perfect elegant solution to your storage needs.

  • Wardrobe Accessories:

Thus, if you’re looking to get a wardrobe incorporated into your room, just give us a call or drop us a line in the live chat below. With our various wardrobe options on offer, we will be able to design the one which suits your needs perfectly.